This is Rick Hart. I have appreciated all of the services I have received at Heywood Dental iver the past 2+ years. A friendly and efficient staff, including Dr. Heywood. Very prompt and competent service.

Rick Hart

Dr Heywood and staff are amazing! Love this office!

I just had the most relaxing cavity filling of my life! As someone who is on the Autism Spectrum and has had a long history of significant anxiety with Dental work, Dr. Heywood and his staff have completely remedied that for me. Now I look forward to my Dental visits and have no reservations or worries about needing anything done. They are all very understanding and patient and create a very friendly and comfortable environment to be in. I don't know what the magic is but time feels like it goes by fast and before you know it they're done and you're ready to leave. For the first time EVER I was wishing they had more work to do because I felt so completely relaxed and in "bliss" 10/10 highly recommend this dentist & staff for anyone who has struggled with dental visits. They will totally change your outlook for the better and redefine what it feels like to go to the dentist. ✨

Heywood Family Dental has been so good to us over the years. Even though we live in Eagle Mountain now, we still drive 40 minutes to get our dental work done at their office, they do that good of a job! The staff are incredibly friendly and personable. I am always impressed at how they remember our names and jobs like we're friends. They also offer flexible pricing options to meet individual needs which are very affordable and patient-friendly. We plan to continue to go to Heywood Dental for years to come!

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